Both of my sisters are pregnant.

It is very exciting.

What is even more exciting is the fact that I am going to be the godfather of both of the little cherubs.

I am already an uncle to perhaps the coolest little three-year-old boy in the world, and I can’t wait to meet two more awesome babies in the next two months.

My older sister, already a mother, should probably be the one giving my other sister and brother-in-law parenting advice.  But I will do my part by referring them to this helpful chart of Baby Do’s and Don’ts:

These images are part of a book by David & Kelly Sopp.  Buy it here.

To my sisters: You are welcome for this sound advice.

To my new nephew and niece: I can’t wait to meet you.  And when you get older, never read this blog.

-Youngman Brown

0 thoughts on “Parenting Advice for My Sisters

  1. Awww. And you'll be a godfather. Congratulations!

    All I can say is this is a great post. I love reading you, Mr Brown. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks! It's been a while since I've had an infant so these are great reminders! [walks to nursery to uninstall tv from side of crib]

  3. You're quickly becoming one of my favorite stops! Very funny!! I'm a huge fan of sarcastic humor 🙂

    Congratulations to both your sisters and you to become a godfather!

    Do you watch family guy? Ever see the episode wher Lois is weaning Stewie off of breast feeding. Out of desperation he tries to feed off of Peter. Omg, cracking uppp!!! That picture so reminded me of that. lol

  4. Ahahahaha. That was absolutely the best parenting advice I've ever seen.

    A little Jack D. on the gums while teething never hurt me or my parents apparently. Just something to keep in mind.

  5. Congratulations to you and your sisters!!! I must admit that one time on vacation when my son was an infant, there were no cribs available in the hotel, and we had to use a drawer for him to sleep in because we thought he would fall out of the bed or would smother with pillows all around him. He's a healthy 16 year old now. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do sometimes.

  6. with one on the way this is some great advice…but surely its good to start them off on chess early – it works in Russia

  7. Sadly this excellent advice comes 10 years too late for me, but I will be forwarding it on to my favorite pro-creators from now on. You sir, have performed a great public service here.

  8. your right, my sides are hurtin!!! were still laughin!!laughin so hard were crying…thanks for that Chris….BTW, congrats to both your sisters and too you..

  9. Being someone who isn't particularly fond of babies I find this hilarious. I'm pretty sure the 'calming baby' one is perfect acceptable. 'Containing baby' had me laughing out loud.

  10. Holy crap it's a good thing I don't have kids because I totally want to try all of the don'ts. This is probably why no one ever asks me to babysit. It's also most likely the reason that all of my neices and nephews affectionately call me Aunt Crazy. Congrats on being Uncle and Godfather!

  11. Is it wrong that I found this post HILARIOUS?! I'm not one for babies and I could so see myself as the 'wrong/bad/no/don't/incorrect/unsafe' etc.! I just make them cry! Don't get me wrong, I like children, but I couldn't eat a whole one! 🙂

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