All it takes, I know,
Is just that crack,
The crowd’s first roar,

To wash away the
pain, gloom, sorrow
of seasons yore.

So, like a little girl,
I gleefully lay my outfit
The night before.

-Youngman Brown

0 thoughts on “The Eve of Opening Day (A “Poem”)

  1. Okay, so I love the poem, but when you say 'I even wear pants today,' does that mean you wear MATCHING pants, or just this one day you wear pants? Because pants-less baseball would definitely renew my interest in the sport (all we have here is the Rockies… I'm sure you understand).

  2. Could I be more excited? Phillies and Flyers all in one day…and I don't have work, am up at my place in the Poconos and have beer. Yeah…I'm a pretty happy woman!


  3. It is just the one day that I wear pants.

    And yea my relationship with baseball would be a little bit more rocky if that is the only team I could cheer for (See what I did there?)

  4. Oh wow. The husband is a big Phillies fan too. He's from Delaware, so obviously the Phillies are his team, along with the Flyers.

    I LOVE BASEBALL! I grew up in S.E. Texas, so I'm an Astros fan (which is so hard because they suck so much) and my step-father was from St. Louis, so I'm a Cardinals fan and I lived in San Diego for about 4 years so I'm a Padres fan (also really hard). I definitely go for the Phillies when they aren't playing any of my teams though!

  5. Why thank you, sir. We don't have cable so hopefully we can catch the Flyers game somewhere online. I'm still learning about hockey from the husband. It's not exactly popular in S.E. Texas. Hahaha! I really enjoy watching it though. The husband goes for the Flyers and the Devils actually. He used to play in high school, so I'm getting a hockey education.

  6. I still have about 5000 baseball cards from the 80's. I used to love to read the stats. I have some football and basketball ones, too. I have several Michael Jordan cards in his first or second year. Sigh…I am old.

    Oh, I like the poem. It is very…different. Thank you for wearing pants.

  7. I'm not really a baseball fan. But if I had to pick a team, it would be the Yankees. But, if it makes you feel better, I am a Chase Utley fan. Yum!! oh wait, this is your page, I shouldn't say things like that!! hahaha

  8. It's fine. I have a slight man-crush on Chase, and I thoroughly miss him so far this season.

    Have you ever seen the episode of “Always Sunny” where Mac writes a love note to Chase Utley?

  9. Nice to know you only wear pants on one day? Hmmm. Anyways not a baseball fan either but if I had to pick a team it would be the Phillies so yea me!!!

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