Did you know that you make me vibrate?


You do.

You see, anytime someone comments on my blog, I get an e-mail notification.ย  And my phone is synced up with my e-mail account.
So through the magic of technology, every time you post a comment on any of my posts, you make me vibrate.

The cool and really special part about this is that most of the time when I am at work, dealing hand after hand of poker and wishing I was doing something else, I will feel my phone vibrate in my pocket.ย  And it snaps me out of my daydreaming and short-term misery and puts a smile on my face.

So think about that when you are commenting.ย  Not only are you making Youngman Brown happy, but you are making the real me happy.

Imagine me at work with a giant frown on my face.ย  As you click “Publish Comment,” just imagine that you are poking the real-life-me, letting me know that I have something to look forward to reading.

And my frown, as they say, turns upside down.

-Youngman Brown

Is that a vibrating phone (informing you that your blog followers
are engaged in your content) in your pocket, or are you just
happy to see me?


0 thoughts on “You Make Me Vibrate

  1. Now I'm kinda scared to comment! I'm afraid you might get too much pleasure from vibrating! But I bet there will be some smart ass woman who likes you post comment after comment, vibrating you into a frenzy!

  2. The first thing I thought was “Which pocket does he keep the phone in?” Then I felt dirty. As I am not opposed to feeling dirty, it all worked out just fine.

  3. Anything that will cause you to smile while miserable at work, I'm happy to contribute to.

    Besides, it must be fun to keep your co-workers guessing why you just started smiling, out of nowhere.

  4. You must get tired of my vibrations then. Didn't realize that happened. Just glad to know I give someone a buzz. Here's to making your day with a little bzzzzzzzz.

  5. On a rainy Monday morning I bet you could use some extra buzzing. My comments are set up to do the same but I don't get nearly as many as you so you know what I do? Subscribe to yours after I post a comment and bingo…my day gets much more interesting. ๐Ÿ˜‰ do your commenters get the joy of doing double duty.

    Ok-I haven't really done that…but I'm going to now.

  6. Well, this will make you smile: I am going to be linking your blog to mine on Wednesday. I am doing the A to Z Writing Challenge, and I have made you my topic for letter “Y.” No pressure to write a new, original, brilliant, non-offensive post for Wednesday, though … no pressure at all.


  7. *She grabs his ass as she walks by and then glances at him over her shoulder and winks with a devilish smile*! Youngman, you flirt!

    Hope your phone is in your back pocket when you get this, babe! *blows him a kiss* โ™ฅ

  8. I have to laugh at this comment because my phone is set to vibrate or ringtone when someone posts on my fb. When it wakes me at 2am I'm wondering who the hell is awake at 2am commenting and why are you waking me up????

  9. There is a place online that sells women's hot pink bikinis with a pocket in the front for your phone “pocket bikinis” I think they are called. One of my friends found it because I was being teased about them calling me while my phone vibrates all the time. Course I was asked where I keep it, etc. Youngman!!! I think you meant to get us talking about HOTTTT stuff. Hope it makes your day darlin.

  10. I'm really glad you used the word “poke.” I don't have anything else to say that hasn't already been said, except that I hope this post was self-gratifying in more ways than one ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. ZZZZzzzzzzzt.


    I think I would go crazy if I was buzzed for every comment, twitter is bad enough sometimes. I prefer to read them all at once, but I salute you!

    Oh, and zzzzzzzzzzzzt.

  12. VIBRATE!! Ohh, a “that's what she said” comment is circling around my brain, but I'll behave! lol

    Glad that we can make your day. I get the similiar tingly feelings everytime I get a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Youngman, I'm so sad. I love that you reply to our comments as much as I love reading your stories. I sure hope you're not ill. Come back please.

  14. Awesome! I can't wait!

    And yea, I've got something new, original, and brilliant, however it is somewhat self-deprecating, so I suppose that would be considered offensive to me.

  15. Haha yea, everyone went the sexual route in the comments for this one. I guess I was asking for it.

    And I will consistently beat you in a “that's what she said” contest if you ever want to have one.

  16. I'm not ill. I just started a 12 days in a row at work, and barely have time to write and schedule posts for this blog, let alone reply to everyone and keep up with all of my other favorite blogs.

    Fear not, I am still giddy when I feel my pocket vibrate, so thank you everyone!

  17. What a cool and honest way to let people know now much you enjoy the comments. Good thing you are male though….might have sounded slightly off coming from a woman!

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