The Idea

Never one to turn down a dare, I clenched my eyes shut as I gripped the steering wheel.

Five seconds. That’s how long I had to keep them closed.

This sort of thing happens often. Usually at night, when I am on a straight road or highway. My mind will start thinking in this sort of way:

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Crazy Krista and Svetlana


I occasionally go on YouTube binges.

Someone will send me the link to a song, funny clip, or inspirational video. But after it is over, I can never bring myself to close the browser, because YouTube has offered me a suggestion of something else to watch. And so on and so forth until it is three hours later and I am watching a documentary about tsunamis, when the first video I watched was a guy who gets excited about rainbows.

Such was the case the other day, when I was watching various music videos and I came across this song.  And I was immediately reminded of my ex-girlfriend, Crazy Krista.

Now, I don’t know who this singer/rapper is, and I don’t really feel like doing much research about her. The title of the video is Бьянка – Без сомнения, meaning that her name is either Бьянка or Без сомнения, but for the sake of clarity, I shall henceforth call her Svetlana.

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