Ruining a Song Forever: A YouTube Adventure

I love many different kinds of music. You name it and I will probably listen to it (with the exception of country and hardcore/screaming music).

But I don’t really listen to the radio or Pandora. Mostly due to the fear of that Gotye song coming on. But also because I like to discover completely new music.

I think YouTube is a great platform to use, especially if you have kids. There are times where I will go on YouTube with my kids and watch some kids songs that rhyme to help get them tired out before bed. They like to dance to the songs then once they’re snuggled away in bed, I will so sometimes go down a music finding rabbit hole myself.

An increasing number of people have even gone on to enjoy careers in the entertainment industry off the back of a successful YouTube channel. If you are an aspiring artist for instance, YouTube is a wonderful platform to connect with your audience and share your music with the world. In modern times in the music industry, YouTube views are incredibly important. For this reason, some artists even use services like Get Fans to improve their online presence. If you are intrigued to learn more about how Get Fans could expand your YouTube channel, go to Whilst YouTube is a great place for new artists to grow their audience, they could also consider taking their music over to social media too. Platforms, like Instagram, are equally as beneficial for artists to get their music out there. If you’re setting up an Instagram account, don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any followers. This can take some time, which is why some people purchase follows online from properly managed instagram accounts that can offer real engagement on your posts. This could kickstart your Instagram account, encouraging other people to follow you and hear your music. Social media has helped some of the biggest artists to get discovered, so it’s important to have multiple platforms, especially YouTube though.

So, that being said, I’ll usually just go on YouTube adventures, wherein one new song leads me to another new song and so on and so forth. In this manner, I could start listening to techno and end up listening to classical a few hours later.

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Earmuffs: A Poker Story

I started playing poker again.

They cut my days down to three or four days a week at work, so I figured that playing once or twice a week would be a good way to make up for the lost days.

The first time I played, I made just over $500 in four hours. Though it is a small sample size, it is a decent hourly. But I was a bit upset with my performance, because I could have won more. It has been 15 months since I quit playing professionally, and I have lost almost all of my killer instinct. I used to play poker HUDs but I stopped doing that too.

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