My life changed quite a bit in 2012.

I remember standing on the deck of my parents’ beach house where I was living at the time, staring off into the distance. The only thing I wanted was to get a better job. One where I earned decent money. One where I could move closer to home, closer to my nephew and niece who were still growing inside each of my sisters’ bellies. One where I could legitimately start my life as a working man, back on the grid.

I got everything I wished for. And more.

A new nephew, a new niece, godfather to both. A new job, a new location. New furniture, some new friends.

A new dog. The greatest fucking dog on the planet.

113 new blog posts, 200ish new followers. Many new blogging friends.

Lots of other things too.

I can’t help but feel that I didn’t wish for these things to happen to me, but rather that I knew they were going to happen, and once I actively started knowing that they were going to happen, they started happening. My friend told me that they got some more traffic to their site thanks to free instagram followers, that might be worth looking into but I digress. It was only a few weeks ago and I was also told about SEO! Something I should have known about since starting the blog but I never really understood the importance of this before now. One of my friends says the UK hosts some of the best SEO companies. I suppose I’ll have to do some research on a UK SEO Company to see if they can help with!

It sounds a lot like The Secret, I know. I don’t really believe that crap.

But maybe I do.

Another example can be seen in that post that I wrote about how I am getting fat. Since I wrote that, I’ve already lost seven pounds in a month. Just from putting it down on paper, or more usefully, putting it out into the universe. By admitting it, not only to myself, but to the world (or at least a tiny percentage of the world that reads my blog) I made myself accountable.

So here’s a bunch of goals for the coming year that I’m going to put on paper so that they happen. Or at least so that I am accountable. I suppose you could call them resolutions.

  • Eat a pizza (just so that I can guarantee that I will cross off at least one thing on my list).
  • Revamp the blog to give it a better overall look.
  • Get stuff published on other, more major, websites.
  • Take writing course or join a writing group. Never cheat by using stuff I have already written.
  • Take photography course. Take many photos for blog.
  • Delve into YouTube, and learn more about how to grow on the platform, such as buying likes as detailed on Buyoutubeviews.
  • Special project #1 (A novel)
  • Special project #2 (Can’t tell you what this one is, but it has something to do with a podcast I listen to)
  • Special project #3 (Can’t tell you what this one is either, but it is something that I have already started. It might actually be impossible to complete, but could very well be the most important thing I ever do, writing-wise, and something I am positive that nobody in all of human history has ever done before.)
  • Hit 1 million views. This isn’t really something I can control. It’s just a lofty goal that I think would be fun to try to achieve. I’m currently at 80,000 views in four years, though the first three years were extremely inactive on my part.
  • Start actively dating. Get back in shape to do so.
  • Get Sadie acquainted with new dogs.

I’m sure that I will tack on a few other goals, especially ones that have to do with real life. Besides dating, my dog, and eating a pizza, my goals for 2013 are very blog-centric. And that isn’t accidental.

To those of you that stumbled across my blog this year and have become regular readers and/or friends: thank you so much. You inspire me. You guys have made me that popular, one night my blog had actually crashed! So I had to get in touch with a web hosting service like Hostiserver, to ensure this doesn’t happen again and I don’t disappoint in future. They have been great thus far, keeping my blog in neat and tip top condition so you can all view it with quick access. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you and that extra help I needed!

I hope that everyone has a kick-ass 2013. We made it through the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012.

And if we did that, we can do anything.

-Youngman Brown

0 thoughts on “This Year and Next Year

  1. that is a great idea with the pizza, so you can cross one off!!

    I wish you all the best for all these goals! I might yoink some from your list, the getting and shape and dating and maybe 1 million views !!

  2. I can't wait to see all that 2013 has in store for you. It's amazing what putting things out there for the universe can change, within ourselves, and how it motivates us. Congrats on all your 2012 accomplishments.

    We must hang more in 2013. I think it's going to be a big year, for both os us. 😀

  3. Now this is what I like to see, someone who makes goals and sticks to them. All of your goals are completely achievable, and the 1 million hits thing is definitely under your control. Just remember that it's about quality, not quantity, and it's better to have return readers than 'empty calorie' traffic that shows up once in droves and then never comes back.

    Cheers to a successful 2012 and hopefully an even more successful 2013!

  4. These are some good goals. My only goal is get in better shape. I want to start muay thai boxing by next year. If I accomplish that, that's enough for me.

    Have a great NYE and I look forward to more photos in your posts!!

  5. Well I am very happy to include you in one of my new friends of 2012, Young MB. =) Congratulations on meeting your goals and then some–you kick ass! On a (rare serious) sidenote, I know what you mean about wishing for something to come true and then it does perhaps only because you believe it so much. I think it happens that way because when you realize what you really want you it comes easier because you're letting yourself be, well, yourself. Like I know that it's inevitable that I'm going to be writing full-time because even though it sounds completely mental, it's what I am, and though this is going to sound really corny and cliched, the best person that you can be is yourself.

    (And I still have to meet Sadie!)

    ((And I'm just going to randomly say “fuck” here because this comment was so un-Kat that the least I could do is curse.))

  6. Damn, your 2012 makes me feel like a slacker. Well done. A toast to your 2013. I shall, as ever, aspire not to soil myself when I fart for a full year. Perchance to dream.

  7. Congratulations on a great year! I have no doubt you will accomplish whatever it is you want in 2013, and I'm excited to see what you come up with, amazing guy that you are. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog this year.

    Lots of love to you, and of course Sadie 🙂

  8. I wouldn't stay here and read if I didn't enjoy reading mate. don't thank us for coming, you're the one making us stay.

    I wish you not luck, but the motivation and drive to achieve your goals. Luck hasn't got much to do with it, don't take the credit that you deserve away.

  9. I don't set goals. It's less disappointing that way when I don't achieve them. I never bite more than I can chew…unless it's from a steak. I also don't expect good things to happen. I am too lazy to make it happen.

    But this year, THIS YEAR, I just might surprise myself and do something productive.

    Happy new year!

  10. I think you can dominate your 2013 list. I'd like to see more pictures of your dog and life in general as well. Does that make me sound creepy? Sorry I'm not sorry? Happy New Year from one Mike to another!

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