My sister texted me to tell me that she watched the movie Safety Not Guaranteed, and that she thought I would like it.

Well, I loved it.

The movie follows three magazine employees who try to interview a man who placed an classified ad to find a companion for time travel.  It is funny.  It is clever.  And it is heartfelt.

It’s a movie full of that guy.

It has that guy from The League.  And that guy from New Girl.  And that girl from Parks and Recreation.  Best of all, though, it has some other dorky Indian guy who you will be rooting for the entire time.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie itself, perhaps the coolest part about Safety Not Guaranteed is that the classified ad that is featured in the movie is real.  In fact, I actually included the image in a blog post four years ago:

The classified ad itself tells such an amazing story, and I remember laughing so hard that I cried when I saw it for the first time.  And while it may have been printed as a joke, I couldn’t help but imagine the same type of character that Derek Connolly (the writer) brings into existence in the movie.

You all know me by now.  So you know that I like giving life to mundane, everyday events.  As such, I couldn’t help but be joyously jealous of this movie.  How had I not thought to write a script based off of this epic classified ad?  I could have made a movie!

Although, I certainly couldn’t have done it as well as they did.

-Youngman Brown


0 thoughts on “YMB Recommends: Safety Not Guaranteed

  1. Oh, great! Melanie at Sporking on down the road recently recommended this one, too. I'd say endorsements from two awesome people mean I need to watch this 🙂

  2. I've only heard the movie name, but not much more than that. I had no idea someone made a movie about that classified ad. That's hilarious. This movie looks right up my alley. Also, Aubrey Plaza is hot in a weird, creepy, “I could murder you” kind of way. That just me?

  3. I am so glad people are liking this movie. I absolutely loved it. I may even end up buying it.

    And I'm with A Beer about Aubrey. She's cute, but in a creepy way. I have seen her in interviews and she is truly strange and wonderful.

  4. I watched this last week (and commented on Melanie's blog about how much I loved it) Then I called my little brother and said, “You are so going to freaking love this movie. Go watch it. Right now!”

    The Husband and I never agree on movies, but we both lurrved this one.

  5. I saw this movie this past weekend and loved it! I was actually going to write something about it on my blog as well, but I'm lazy and forgetful.

    That's awesome that you used the image in a past post. It's like your blog is a gateway to success. I wonder if the person who pu out the add got any money for the movie.

    I should start reading the newspaper classifieds to see if I can find any movie ideas.

  6. I had heard about the ad and that they had made a movie from it, I'll have to watch it. I guess I'll be the first one to mention about how much I loved the scene from Napoleon Dynamite, I love me some time machine humor.

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