I know I just wrote (too much) about picking up dog poop, but something else came up that I felt like I needed to add.

My girlfriend got me a thing that you put on the end of the leash for poop bags.  Like a toilet paper dispenser, but for picking up dog crap.

Anyway, the bags it came with are thin.  Like, really thin.  So thin that I imagine it would float away if you let one go on a completely windless day.

Being so thin, when picking up fresh dog crap, I can totally feel the temperature and texture of the specimen more than I could with my old bags, as if the bag is not even there.

Just thought I’d share that with you guys.

Oh, and yes.  Yes, that is the way I just announced that I got a girlfriend.

-Youngman Brown


0 thoughts on “Dog Poop Addendum

  1. I'm sure she's gonna love making her debut in a post about steamy shit. lol

    Congrats on the girlfriend but I'm so sorry about the crap barrier not being sufficient.

    Can you empty the “bag dispenser” and stuff in sufficiently thick bags?

  2. I have these bags. While convenient, not only are they thin and you can feel everything, they also don't mind ripping…which is how I covered myself in poop that one day! They do have thicker ones that can go in those dispensers, but they are more expensive.

    And you forgot to tell us which of your four factoids wasn't true. I need to know!

    I was wondering when you were going to tell everyone about the girly 🙂

  3. A girlfriend who brings your four footed pal gifts always gets good girlfriend points – even if the bags are thin.

    My parents used to use the newspaper bags – they tell me you have to be careful now though – the bags are biodegradable and dog shit seems to speed up the degrading process.

  4. Yay girlfriend! Besides being thoughtful enough to bring you poopy bags, what else should we know about her? Do we need to be protective and tell her that if she hurts one of my favorite bloggers she'll get the rusty spoon treatment?

  5. Well, congratulations. I've been waiting for you to realize that, although I'm old and decrepit, I'm the right woman for you, but if you're not going to figure it out, then it's your loss.


  6. Congratulations on having a lovely person to present you with gifts of thin crap bags! =D

    (When I saw the title of this I was already prepared to comment with “Okay YoungMB, one post about shit is okay, but two in a row is outright” but since it was your own way of making a big announcement, I shall forgive it. 😉 )

  7. Congratulations on having someone to split the duty of picking up doody with!

    Also, you're right about those bags being so thin you can actually feel the heat and contents. So… why can't they make condoms the same way?

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