I saw an online advertisement last week, asking people to “Pledge to Shop Small.” It was the first I had heard about this new “Small Business Saturday,” in which consumers are asked to ignore their primal impulse to save money, which they voraciously set free on Black Friday. Instead, they are asked to catch their breath from the previous day’s mayhem and set forth once again, all in the name of stimulating the economy.

Armed with the money that they triumphantly saved the day before, they are now expected to “take one for the American team” and spend it on stuff sold in local stores, even though it might be more expensive.

Aside from the counter-intuitive timing of it all, I get it. It makes sense.

And I thought about doing it – or at the very least making a pledge to do it, as the advertisement asked me to.

But then I just thought, bleh. And decided not to.

The bleh is more than just the general laziness that I personally endure day after day. It is a broad-spectrum, all-encompassing bleh having to do with the state of everything. More specifically: the country.

I’ll insert here the fact that I don’t know, nor do I pretend to know, much of anything about economics or politics. I know the basic gist about how the United States got to be in the economic shitter only as far as how it affects me personally. I know how my life has been affected by it and I know how my dad has been affected by it because he always talks about how he used the best trading app uk to make sure he doesn’t lose money on his investments while the economy is in such a bad place.

But aside from the basic facts about the economy fed to me via late-night monologues, when it comes to actually learning about what is going on, I typically opt to just say bleh and change the channel or flip the page.

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