When I saw it, I nearly cried.

There it was. The thing that I had been working towards for days on end. The ultimate goal that I had been savoring all this time, for all my life, really:

The final screen of Super Mario Brothers.
When I saw it, I nearly cried. They were not tears of joy for slaving over the game for days and days. They were also not redemptive tears of satisfaction for the pain in my wrists and thumbs being worth it. And they weren’t tears that sprang forth upon seeing the beauty of a rewarding finale of a fantastic journey.

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The Idea

Never one to turn down a dare, I clenched my eyes shut as I gripped the steering wheel.

Five seconds. That’s how long I had to keep them closed.

This sort of thing happens often. Usually at night, when I am on a straight road or highway. My mind will start thinking in this sort of way:

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On Top of His Work

If you’d told me two weeks ago that Jed’s work ethic would lead to his death … I totally would have believed you.

It’s just the way that his work ethic led to his death that was surprising.

I figured he would have had a heart attack from all of the stress from all of the projects that he took on.

See, Jed was always doing something. You know, multitasking.

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