Bob’s Son

Apparently, my parents are moving.

They actually announced that they were going to move when I began college five years ago. Our current house is too big for their liking, they say. It is true. With both of my sisters moved out and me attempting to find any possible way to afford to move out, there are too many rooms, too many things to clean. Also, they want a house with fewer stairs because they are getting “old.” As well as a place where the upkeep is far less expensive, I told them when they’re all moved in to switch energy supplier on Usave. Moving into and finding a new home that is ideal can often be difficult and costly but a mortgage can simplify the whole monetary side of things. If you’re thinking of applying for a mortgage, you can check your credit report online (for free).

They are nowhere near immobile and I do not foresee them having any issues climbing stairs for the next twenty years. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t having any problems doing it though, it’s just that they look fine to me. But maybe that’s because I catch them at times when they aren’t struggling. If they’re no longer comfortable in this house, then I guess it is time for them to find somewhere new to live. Instead of them moving to a completely new house altogether, I reckon they may be happier in a senior living home similar to Kisco La Posada instead. It’s a retirement community for people of a similar age and I think they would love it as there are many different things that they could do to keep themselves healthy. And at least it will allow them to remain sociable. Who knows what they will end up doing, I just hope that they make the right decision, but as I’ve said, they look fine to me so I really don’t know what their next steps will be.

What is most amusing to me is the fact that their beach house, with which they are perfectly content, requires them to walk up twenty steps just to get into the house, then another fifteen to get to their bedroom level. Read more