Earmuffs: A Poker Story

I started playing poker again.

They cut my days down to three or four days a week at work, so I figured that playing once or twice a week would be a good way to make up for the lost days.

The first time I played, I made just over $500 in four hours. Though it is a small sample size, it is a decent hourly. But I was a bit upset with my performance, because I could have won more. It has been 15 months since I quit playing professionally, and I have lost almost all of my killer instinct. I used to play poker HUDs but I stopped doing that too.

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I love online gambling, everything about it. The passion, the adrenaline, the competition. Oh and the money of course. I play all sorts of games like blackjack, slots, even a bit of bingo on sites like SwankyBingo.com. I just seemed to have beginners luck and it’s never left me. Perhaps most of all, I love to play online poker. Please click here if you want to play against me! I just love poker in general. I think it’s a great game and love to play every chance I get. I usually play online with the help of sites like paybyphonebillcasino.uk but sometimes I dabble on a real board too. However, I recently realized how much of a different person I become when things don’t go my way. Here is the chat log, verbatim (screen names changed):

Dealer: marids11 (button) showed 10cQs and won ($170.60) with a straight, Nine to King
Seat 9: Youngman Brown showed KhKd and lost with three of a kind, Kings
Youngman Brown: aslkjflaskjf
Youngman Brown: WTF
Youngman Brown: you call all the way down with a ****ing gutshot?
Youngman Brown: what a ****ing donk
marids11: hehehe ul
Youngman Brown: unlucky my *** you idiot
Youngman Brown: you just called your entire stack with a 4 outer
Youngman Brown: I hope you get herpes.

The anger that flows from me is justified because this guy deserves to get verbally assaulted and that is a “bad beat” in any poker player’s book. I know, it wasn’t nice of me. People go on poker sites like Lennus to have fun playing these games, not be verbally assaulted. I couldn’t help myself. What’s surprising to me is my choice of ammunition.

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