The Bar That Hates Money

My buddy’s wedding is coming up. As his best man, it is my duty to plan his bachelor party. I couldn’t wait. I’d waited my whole life to get to be able to plan a bachelor party for one of my best friends, and now the time has finally come. And I’m so excited. There were so many endless possibilities about what we could do and where to go. It wasn’t that long ago that I heard from another friend about these dab tours because apparently, it’s the thing that you “must” do if you love smoking cannabis. It sounded amazing, and I really want to do this for my own wedding. But with our group of friends, I’m not sure how well this will go down, particularly with his soon to be wife. It was also my duty to make sure that he gets to and from places safely so that the missus wasn’t going to be calling and setting up an appointment with an LA divorce lawyer right after the “I do’s”.

6b156-funny-dog-pictures-bachelor-partyI had to go through this process last summer when I was my other friend’s best man where we went on A Booze Cruise in Magaluf, so I know the drill. I had so many ideas up my sleeve of alternative ideas that are exciting and different such as a guys’ trip to Krakow with stagmadness but I could save that for the next party I’m asked to plan! I had a few Philly bars in mind, so I found their websites and sent out a few e-mails.

All of them replied with standard questions. They asked what dates I had in mind, how big my group was, and how much I was looking to spend in terms of food/drinks — standard questions from professional event planners.

And then there was Jenn.

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