Dog Poop Addendum

Dogs can be absolute pains. Not only do you need to pick up their poop after them, but sometimes they even like to eat it. Doesn’t matter if it’s their own or another animals’, if it looks tasty, they’ll munch it. My friend actually had to get some stool eating deterrent for dogs to ensure their pup stopped eating it. What a gross habit! I guess sometimes you have to accept that if you’re getting a dog, you have to just deal with these things. Like pooper scooping. You just have to clean it up, it comes with the package. Pardon the pun! I know I just wrote (too much) about picking up dog poop, but something else came up that I felt like I needed to add.

My girlfriend got me a thing that you put on the end of the leash for poop bags. Like a toilet paper dispenser, but for picking up dog crap.

Anyway, the bags it came with are thin. Like, really thin. So thin that I imagine it would float away if you let one go on a completely windless day.

Being so thin, when picking up fresh dog crap, I can totally feel the temperature and texture of the specimen more than I could with my old bags, as if the bag is not even there.

The things we do for the dogs we love right?

I mean although it’s gross I would do anything for this dog. I want to make sure that when my dog grows old that they are happy. I’m not sure how I’ll cope if something happens to him. Imagine if my dog got something like pancreatitis… I’m not sure how I would cope. Although I did read up that CBD might be able to help with that (I think I looked at this site here:

Anyway, what’s the point in worrying about something that hasn’t happened. At the moment my dog is happy, healthy, and poops all the time.

Meaning that it’s my job to pick it up.

And this is not something I want to deal with when trying to enjoy a nice walk in some fresh air. I totally wasn’t expecting it the first time I went to clear up after my dog so I let out an audible groan which I’m sure would have looked/sounded bizarre to the people around me…

So, I need to either find better bags that don’t make me want to heave every time I go to clear up after my dog or just put up with it.

I know a dog poo bin in garden is the economical way to get rid of it but I can hardly take it with me when I go for walks! I’m definitely looking into getting one for my garden but I’m still not sure how to deal with my latest issue.

Also, I’m not sure whether to tell my girlfriend because she got me the bags as a thoughtful gift but I’m sure she’ll be able to find the gross funny side if I do tell her. I wish she had got me some thicker, earth friendly poop bags instead!

Just thought I’d share that with you guys.

Oh, and yes. Yes, that is the way I just announced that I got a girlfriend.

-Youngman Brown

My New Dog (Diapers and The Vet)

Day 2: Diapers

Brandon left in the afternoon.

He’s not one for goodbyes, and mostly just said, “see you around” as he left, giving the dog a pat on the head.

56c9b-sadieBut after he had walked out the door, she ran to the bottom of the steps, where she pawed at the door and cried for a solid ten minutes.

She’s smart, and she knew that he wasn’t just leaving for a little while.

While she was crying downstairs, I was crying upstairs as I took inventory of all of the tiny bloodstains that she made on my new carpet every time she sat down and used her bottom like a little rubber stamp. This was a problem that needed to be solved sooner rather than later.

So I put her in the crate that we bought for her, and made the journey to Petco.

That is where I found Simple Solution Diapers. They were doggie diapers for females in heat or for puppies with incontinence or excitable urination. And they even boasted “tail-wagging comfort!

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My New Dog (Day 1)

You might remember that a few weeks ago, I bought a houseplant.

If you don’t maybe this will remind you:


Well I am sorry to tell you that three days after I bought Watson, I returned him.

Now, Watson was a great plant. And we had some really great times together during those three days. He didn’t do anything wrong.

But he had to go.

You see, I did a little research and learned that Watson, a Dracaena, was actually toxic to dogs.

Now I know a lot of people who get house plants because some of them have some really good benefits for humans (not dogs though). However, if you don’t have any dogs and would like to learn more about how plants can improve your health, then click here.

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