The Giza Pyramid Scheme

This is a really bad time to be a recent college graduate. Included in my current slew of unfinished books are The Secret and Think and Grow Rich, both of which stress the importance of positive thinking. But with the economy the way it is, it is all too easy to become a pessimist. As I see the stocks plunge and jobs being dropped, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me that many people are making the decision to look at how commodity trading works, and whether investing in the likes of oil, gold, and silver (amongst other things) can actually prove to be beneficial to your financial situation. And in the economic crisis that we currently see ourselves in, making an investment could be the best idea, (or so my friend tells me). As I’m seeing all of these jobs being lost, I can’t help but grow anxious for one particular job to become vacant – Bush’s. I’m sure he’s quite ready to retire as well. Perhaps he should take a hint from Bin Laden and hide in a cave to escape the jobless masses, who are rightfully pointing the finger at him.

Or, like me, giving him the finger.

In my quest for a job, I can’t even count how many resumes I have sent out. What’s worse is the fact that I don’t even hear “We got your resume,” let alone, “Come in for an interview.” It’s insanely frustrating. Read more