Putting a Label on the Apocalypse (Part II)

You kinda have to read Part I first, if you haven’t already.

Zak Bagans and the boys, ready to beat the SHIT outta Casper.

If you have ever seen ghost hunting shows such as “Ghost Adventures” (or “Ghost Douchebags” as my brother-in-law likes to call it), the chiseled toolbags occasionally capture an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) in which, seemingly out of nowhere, a choppy mess of static is picked up on a voice recorder.
Being masters of spirit-world linguistics, they then translate the static into very convenient words of ghosts.

The EVPs are pretty cool, but are they really the voices of ghosts?

At first, it really does just sound like a jumble of static.

But then the D-bags put some words on the screen.  They play the recording again.  And again.  And again.  With the words in quotations.

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Putting a Label on the Apocalypse (Part I)

apocalypse note

Today’s post is very video-centric, but bear with me and try to watch them all.

That being said, watch these videos first.  There are a plethora of similar ones floating around online, and they are very crazy.  They all pretty much document the same phenomenon, so at the very least watch the first one to get an idea of what I am talking about:


Now, before you continue, I want you to take a moment to analyze your thoughts.  Just briefly go back and recount what you were thinking while you watched it.

Was it scary?  Did it make you nervous?

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