Cookie-Cutter Shows

I often make fun of my parents for watching shows such as Numbers and The Mentalist.

They are cookie-cutter shows that simply present a problem (Think: A murder) and a solution (Solve the case, bring a bad guy to justice).  Each week, this is done in a formulaic method that is dreadfully predictable and offers the viewer nothing more than a sixty-minute waste of time — a gift-wrapped box-of-nothing, complete with a bow.  The thing that I hate the most about them is that almost no plot development occurs from one episode to another.


So yea.  I make fun of my parents and try to convince them to watch shows with depth and drama.  Shows that leave you hanging and wanting more.  Shows that don’t offer you a gift-wrapped package, but instead light it on fire.  Shows that leave you heartbroken for the next 6 days and 23 hours.  Anything on HBO or AMC would suffice.

But then I realized that I am a hypocrite.

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