Introducing Words + Music

I’ve been away for like, a really long time.  It is for a very good reason, I promise.

I’ve been tinkering with something new.  Something weird, kind of.

I call it “Words + Music.”  Basically, music videos with storytelling.  Just my words, given to you with the beat and rhythm of my favorite songs.

I could go on describing it, trying to define what it is, and that is exactly what I tried to do in my own head as I conceptualized it and thought about it for months, maybe years.  I finally manned up and just made it.

It feels good.  But I still don’t really know how to define it.

Anyway, just watch it.  And know that it is very different from what you will usually see here.  I highly recommend using headphones, especially with this track.  You might not be used to this type of music, but just go with it.  Lose yourself, if you’re able.

I have a few more of these ready to go.  But if you hate it, don’t worry — I have a few blog posts in the works as well.

And hey.  I missed you.

-Youngman Brown

 (Click link to travel to YouTube and watch it in high definition.  Then subscribe.)


Ruining a Song Forever: A YouTube Adventure

I love many different kinds of music. You name it and I will probably listen to it (with the exception of country and hardcore/screaming music).

But I don’t really listen to the radio or Pandora. Mostly due to the fear of that Gotye song coming on. But also because I like to discover completely new music.

I think YouTube is a great platform to use, especially if you have kids. There are times where I will go on YouTube with my kids and watch some kids songs that rhyme to help get them tired out before bed. They like to dance to the songs then once they’re snuggled away in bed, I will so sometimes go down a music finding rabbit hole myself.

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So, that being said, I’ll usually just go on YouTube adventures, wherein one new song leads me to another new song and so on and so forth. In this manner, I could start listening to techno and end up listening to classical a few hours later.

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Crazy Krista and Svetlana


I occasionally go on YouTube binges.

Someone will send me the link to a song, funny clip, or inspirational video. But after it is over, I can never bring myself to close the browser, because YouTube has offered me a suggestion of something else to watch. And so on and so forth until it is three hours later and I am watching a documentary about tsunamis, when the first video I watched was a guy who gets excited about rainbows.

Such was the case the other day, when I was watching various music videos and I came across this song.  And I was immediately reminded of my ex-girlfriend, Crazy Krista.

Now, I don’t know who this singer/rapper is, and I don’t really feel like doing much research about her. The title of the video is Бьянка – Без сомнения, meaning that her name is either Бьянка or Без сомнения, but for the sake of clarity, I shall henceforth call her Svetlana.

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