0 thoughts on “Daylight Savings: An Ode to Laziness (A “Poem”)

  1. LOL! You're one of them! It drives me nuts when my mom doesn't turn her clocks back. It's like, want me to hit the button? hahaha

  2. We are still on summer time, no idea when it goes back.
    As for changing clocks, well the power went off this morning so they all had to be changed. Complete pain

  3. Nice poem! I hate changing the clocks. In 2012 there's just no point in doing it. The state of AZ doesn't do time changes. I think the rest of the US needs to follow suit.

  4. Now that everything's digital, only the microwave clock needed changing. The clock in my wife's car, meanwhile, just went back to normal, since she never changes it. And now she can be right for another 6 or so months! Yay!

  5. It's wrong for us parents…In the summer here in Indiana, the sun is still up at 9:30 or 10:00. Try getting your kids go to bed when the sun is still shining. Not easy!

  6. My microwave usually just displays some random numbers like “15.” Essentially, the amount of time left before I got impatient and took out my food the last time I used it.

  7. Huh, I'm gonna have to try that when it comes time to change our clocks again. Because it is a bitch having to change all our clocks and watches. Ok, I guess it's not that bad. I'm just pretty lazy myself.

  8. It takes at least 4 months before I change the one in the van. Except I'm getting a new one today so it will be done for me. Drives me bonkers though that my cable company hasn't updated the time on their boxes yet. Everything is an hour behind and it's making me late everywhere.

  9. I'm always fascinated by the whole daylight savings thing! We don't do it here. No need, I guess. The difference between daylight hours in winter isn't all that different to in summer. We're just a bunch of slackers here, eh?! Great poem! 🙂

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